Big-Footed Bunny Teaches Children Importance of Self-Acceptance
& the Spirit of Christmas

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About the Book

Alice's Love for Classic Christmas Stories
As a child, Alice Schellhorn Magrane loved reading classic Christmas stories and memorized Clement C. Moore's poem The Night Before Christmas. Her lifelong love of verse spurred her to write this magical story about Santa Claus' trip around the world, through the eyes of Snoshoo the Stowaway Bunny.
Book Summary
On Christmas Eve at the North Pole, a group of bunnies is laughing at the one bunny with larger feet than the rest. Embarrassed by his big feet, the bunny runs away and meets Dasher the reindeer, who tells him about Santa's magical Christmas Eve journey.

The little bunny sneaks onto Santa's sleigh, hiding away in his bag of toys, hoping to be part of Santa's ride around the world.

Santa discovers the stowaway and it turns out that Santa thinks the bunny's big feet are useful!  To find out how Snoshoo became a part of the magic of Christmas, order your copy of this special book now!

Amazon Reviews 

"I'm looking forward to having grandchildren myself, so I can start a tradition of reading this story to them."...Jane H. Ives, CT.

"I'd recommend Snoshoo to anyone looking for a new spin on children's holiday books."...Mary L. Mehringer, MA.

"I think it's easy to read aloud to young children and easy for them to understand."...Elaine J. White, NY

A Message from Alice Schellhorn Magrane
"I hope that Snoshoo can one day join the ranks of beloved Christmas characters, such as Frosty and Rudolph. Snoshoo helps children learn about the spirit and joy of Christmas, and emphasizes that they must accept who they are and their own unique qualities that make them special."

Illustrations by Brenda Brown from Snoshoo the Stowaway Bunny.


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